The History in Your Hands Museum Collection

Valued at £1 million

20 unique pieces of history, spanning over 500 years

Great Britain's Rarest Stamps Collection

Valued at £2 million

10% annual compound growth rates over the past 65 years in rare collectibles

Welcome to Just Collecting Rarities

You are probably reading this because, like so many other investors, you understand the importance of true wealth diversification.

Right now, we are experiencing high demand from a fast growing number of new clients interested in building a collection of rare collectibles, both for pleasure and profit.

In such times of economic and political uncertainty, higher demand for rare collectibles is totally understandable. In particular, our clients are interested in protecting a small proportion of their wealth by investing in assets which are completely uncorrelated with the general economy and further benefit by offering a hedge against inflation.

We're looking forward to helping you profit from one of the most proven, stable investments there is over the long term.

Our primary areas of expertise cover:

  1. Rare postage stamps and postal history
  2. Rare coins
  3. Historical documents, rare autographs and memorabilia
  4. First edition books
  5. Limited edition signed artist prints, etchings, lithographs and sketches

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"I received the portfolio report in today's post, and I have only one word to comment... FANTASTIC!"

Simon, California


"I am looking to a continuation of what has developed into a great working relationship and indeed friendship and I recommend without hesitation the services of Just Collecting."

Jon, Kent


"Thank you for all your effort to secure the stamps I was interested in at good prices. Much appreciated."

David, New Hampshire


Top 10 reasons why so many investors are adding rare collectibles to their portfolios

1) Historic returns

Rare collectibles such as stamps and coins have proven a good investment over the very long term (ie. 50 years+). Salomon Brothers rate rare stamps among the top four investments of the 20th Century, giving an average annual return of 10%.

2) Diversification

Time and time again throughout history, financial wealth has been destroyed when there is a stock market or real estate price crash, as most investors are overexposed in these areas. Investing in rare tangible assets provides a means of broadening your investment profile.

3) Low correlation with traditional investments

Investments in collectible tangible assets have, historically, been broadly unaffected by political and economic vagaries and therefore can offer a form of protection and insulation to an element of your net worth. Market prices are led by the activities of collectors, not investors, leading to low volatility.

4) Benefit of limited supply

Rare collectibles are inherently scarce and have an ever diminishing supply with loss through damage, destruction and donations to museums. This diminishing supply against increasing demand provides a strong economic argument for causing pricing pressure leading to rising prices.

5) Pride of ownership

Excellent long term investment returns are complimented by the wonderful feeling of pride from owning important pieces of history. No other alternative investment can offer such an eclectic range of benefits and emotions. We take pride in the fact that some of our investors develop their portfolios into award winning international collections; an achievement which gives added interest, provenance and value to their collection.

6) Rising global demand

Baby boomers now own 80% of the world's wealth: As they enter retirement, baby boomers are returning to hobbies of their youth and investing some of their disposable wealth on their hobbies such as rare collectibles.

By 2030 some 2 billion extra people will be in the middle-class bracket, Goldman Sachs predicts: This demographic produces the majority of investment-grade collectors.

The emerging BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China): The rapidly expanding middle-class in these emerging economies is dramatically increasing the number of new entrants into the collectibles market.

7) Tax benefits

Rare collectibles are a tangible asset and investment returns represent a capital gain. This provides distinct tax planning advantages. In the US, capital gains benefit from lower tax rates of 0%, 15% or 20% depending on your taxable income and filing status. You should seek advice from your financial adviser on the tax planning options available.

8) Highly portable

Collectibles benefit from being highly portable and can be internationally traded in all currencies, with prices obtained largely constant wherever you sell them.

9) Liquidity

The total annual sales value of the collectibles market is estimated at £100 billion.

It is fair to say that the internet has created true globalisation in the rare collectibles market. eBay is the largest online seller with approximately £4.5 billion sales of collectibles per annum. Excluding eBay, it is estimated that the value of the online collectibles market is around £10 billion per annum. This is forecast to increase to £20 billion over the next three years based on recent growth rates as the market progressively becomes more comfortable trading online.

10) Family heirloom

Rare collectibles represent family heirlooms, which can be passed down through the generations as a secure means of protecting and growing wealth over the very long term.

Our business model is simple - help our clients get access to the very best investment opportunities we can find

We're looking forward to helping you profit from one of the most proven, profitable investments there is... WITHOUT having to waste countless hours doing research, due diligence, buying, storing, and selling.

Over the past 15 years, we've worked with more than 2,000 clients who've trusted us with more than $150 million to invest for them.

And today, we'd like to give you the opportunity to join our growing list of happy clients. We normally require a $15,000 minimum investment to get started with us...

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Because earning your trust is the most important thing we can do as investment managers. Which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started working with us... And experience first-hand what it's like to have a team of experts on your side.

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We follow 5 Golden Rules when determining the collectibles to select for your portfolio:

1. Rarity

We focus our attention on rare collectibles where there are a relatively small number of surviving examples available.

Limited supply is the classic economic principle which creates price pressure and drives growth in prices.

You don't need a large market for prices to rise where supply is severely limited. Simple fact is you only need two people bidding at an auction for the realization to exceed expectations.

2. Condition

We only include collectibles of premium quality condition. Premium quality examples more regularly sell at auction for above estimates. This increases your chances of higher returns.

Collectors have become far more condition-conscious in recent years. The result is that they are all searching for the same "holy grail" in terms of quality, pushing prices up of the best quality examples.

3. Authenticity

Everything you purchase from us comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee of authenticity. This guarantee is included within the terms of sale on all invoices we issue.

We favor collectibles with a well-documented history and provenance.

Other well-respected experts who have handled these collectibles in the past have agreed with our assessment of their authenticity.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to only buy collectibles through trusted sources or where you're able to independently prove authenticity and provenance.

4. Liquidity

Some rare collectibles we consider too specialized in nature to be suitable for investment. Such specialized areas tend to have a smaller number of interested participants – increasing the risk of illiquidity on exit.

Most of the collectibles we include for investment portfolios are in areas of the collectibles market where there are a large number of active collectors.

5. Price

The most important investment rule of all is – don't overpay. The aim is to buy quality examples of rare collectibles at below fair value, giving a margin of safety.

his is the primary service we offer our clients. We use our buying expertise together with our global network to secure rarities at discounts to market value.

We provide a comprehensive and seamless service including secure storage, insurance, valuations and active management. We are equally able to assist you when you are buying as when you are selling in the future to bank your returns.

Our job is to make your investment journey in the world of rare collectibles both hassle free and profitable. We also hope you will enjoy the journey and develop an interest in your collection. Collectibles offer an opportunity to hold history in your hands and provide intellectual stimulation.

We don't just sell you a portfolio then forget about you. You will also benefit from having your own dedicated relationship manager with a direct phone line and personal e-mail. We will look after you throughout your period of ownership by:

  1. Securely storing and insuring your collection, if you don't want to take possession.
  2. Providing you regular market updates and news through our e-mail service.
  3. You will receive a free, fully comprehensive annual valuation report on your portfolio, which will include up to date commentary on your portfolio's performance and on the collectibles market in general.
  4. We will provide you with ongoing advice on adding new rare investment-grade collectibles to your portfolio or banking profits on specific items in your portfolio with the aim of further enhancing future growth rates.
  5. When you decide to sell we offer complete, unbiased advice on a sales strategy for your portfolio. We want you to achieve the best possible profit in the market, which we can help you achieve with our private treaty sales service. We work for you to find suitable buyers for your rare collectibles from our global client base of over 100,000 collectors and investors.

We do not charge management fees.

If you decide to use our secure storage and insurance services, we normally charge a fee of 0.5% of the purchase price of your portfolio each year. Our charge covers our own internal costs in storage, insurance and safe custody management.

We also provide you with a professional valuation report each year.

For Unconventional Wealth readers, we have agreed to waive this fee in the first year and future years where you are actively trading in the year.

Quite simply, our reputation is entirely dependent on our track record of only dealing in high quality authentic collectibles. Not only do our internal experts have over 100 years combined experience in acquiring and authenticating collectibles, we also have access to a large international network of trusted advisors.

For very high value rarities, we usually obtain a 3rd party certificate of authentication. This provides further assurance and provenance to add value to the rarities we sell to investment clients.

Finally, we provide a lifetime moneyback guarantee of authenticity as a standard term of sale, so you are fully protected in the unlikely event we slip up.

All collectibles sold by Just Collecting are provided in special protective holders. We are also fully insured in the unlikely event anything goes missing or is damaged in transit to you.

If you choose to store your collectibles at home rather than using our secure storage and insurance service, we recommend they be kept in a safe. It is essential that, if you handle your collectibles, you take great care and, in particular, avoid exposing your valuable collectibles to direct sunlight or humid and damp conditions.

Over the very long term, rare collectibles have delivered an average annual growth rate of approximately 10% pa on a compound basis. The "compound" element of the growth rate means that returns historically have been equivalent to depositing your money in a bank which agrees to pay you 10% interest on your savings each year. In the current financial climate, achieving annual savings rates at these levels from deposits with financial institutions is highly unlikely.

By way of illustrative example, an investment of $5,000, based on average historic growth rates continuing, could be worth $12,969 in 10 years and $33,637 in 20 years.

Obviously, not all portfolios perform at the same level. However, based on our experience over the past decade, the majority of clients have witnessed annual growth rates between the ranges of 5% to 15% per annum. Historic growth rates do not provide any guarantee of future growth, but the fact remains that rare collectibles, as an asset class, have demonstrated these levels of growth in prices over the past 50 years+.

We recommend investing in rare collectibles as a long-term investment decision as returns generally mature over the long term. However, your portfolio is entirely flexible to enable you to sell one or more of your collectibles at any time.

Collectibles are internationally traded in all currencies with a large and active market of passionate collectors and increasingly, in recent years, investors. Selling one or more of your collectibles will not affect the value of the remaining collectibles in your portfolio.

As Just Collecting selects only the highest quality collectibles for your portfolio we would, of course, be delighted to be given the opportunity to help you to sell your quality assets again when the time is right for you.

Should you decide to sell, you would simply contact us for a current valuation and disposal strategy. Your disposal options will include:

  1. Using the Just Collecting private treaty service to find suitable buyers for your collectibles.
  2. Consign your collectibles to our next online auction. We do not charge any vendor's commission to our investment clients.
  3. Sell privately or through a 3rd party auction or dealer.

When you come to sell, we will be entirely impartial with our advice – we want you to get the highest figure possible.

Meet the team

Paul Fraser, Chairman

Paul sold his first autograph in 1978 from his rare record shop in Bristol, England. It was a signed Beatles album. He sold it for £45. Today, that lucky buyer is sitting on an investment worth around £35,000.

40 years on and Paul is still helping investors today to achieve the same results. One investor went so far as to say about Paul, "Paul Fraser knows collectibles like Warren Buffet knows stocks" – Steve Sjuggerud, Daily Wealth 2005.

Paul spent 20 years as Chairman and owner of the world's most famous stamp company, Stanley Gibbons, leaving in 2008 to set up Paul Fraser Collectibles. During his illustrious career he has handled over $300m of investment grade collectible sales.

Paul is a world renowned Beatles memorabilia expert and handled the deal that took John Lennon's childhood stamp collection, complete with his earliest known signatures, to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, where it remains proudly sat today.

Mike Hall, CEO

Mike started out his career as a Chartered Accountant and worked as a manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers until 1999.

Mike was, however, drawn to Stanley Gibbons because of an innate love of collecting and joined as Finance Director at the age of 29. This is where Mike and Paul first met as Paul was CEO of Stanley Gibbons at the time. Mike was appointed CEO of Stanley Gibbons in 2003 and led the business from a market capitalisation of $5m to a peak of $200m.

During his time at Stanley Gibbons, Mike managed the purchase and sale of some of the largest and most famous collections in the world, including the world's most famous British stamp collection ever assembled (worth in excess of $10m) and sales from the British Postal Museum Archives.

In 2013, Mike successfully completed the acquisition of the world-famous coin dealer, Baldwin's into the Stanley Gibbons Group where it remains an important part of that business today.

Mike left Stanley Gibbons in 2016 and re-united with Paul to set up Just Collecting. Mike has specialised in advising high net worth clients over the past 20 years in building their investment portfolios.

Adrian Roose, Managing Director – Paul Fraser Collectibles

Adrian is Managing Director of Paul Fraser Collectibles, a division of Just Collecting specializing in autographs and memorabilia.

Adrian has been involved in buying and selling investment grade collectibles for over 20 years, with specialist expertise in rare stamp investment.

In recent years, Adrian has handled the sale of the Einstein Correspondence Collection, four Picassos, plus over $100m of investment grade rarity stamps.

Adrian now leads the team at Paul Fraser Collectibles who are all passionate about investment grade collectibles and bringing exciting and interesting news stories to the World.

Anthony Love, Head Investment Adviser

Anthony started his career as a Relationship Manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland. He left in 2009 to join Stanley Gibbons as an Investment Portfolio Manager. During his time at Stanley Gibbons, Anthony forged strong personal relationships with a large client base and handled a number of $multi-million sales to ultra-high net worth clients.

Anthony left Stanley Gibbons in 2017 after the company closed its investment division and joined Just Collecting as head investment adviser. Anthony continues to advise over 300 clients he worked with at Stanley Gibbons, a testament to the quality of service he provides to clients.

Anthony is responsible for ensuring all our investment clients receive the quality of service they both deserve and should expect. Anthony's main areas of expertise are in rare stamps and coins.